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Junction Counts
The survey will be conducted using either digital recording equipment or enumerators.  Any equipment will be secured to street furniture to enable recording from a high level.  The recording equipment will be checked hourly to ensure continuity of data capture throughout the survey times. This footage will be manually processed to identify the relevant classifications, as specified by the client. All manual data collected by enumerators will be collated and returned to the office for processing.

We will install Automatic Traffic Counters (ATCs) at the required locations.  Our qualified team will install, remove and then download the data at the end of the survey period.

Please Note: Road sweepers can damage tubes as well as heavy rain or deliberate vandalism.  ATCs can also be affected by parked vehicles and queuing/slow moving traffic.

To ensure client requirements are met, we will endeavour to install the ATC’s as close as possible to the original site plan. It must be noted that safety procedures and adequate street furniture will determine the precise location.

As PCCTIC are not aware of the objectives of your survey, the end client or the intended use of the data, any enquiry from a member of the public or the local authority will be passed to yourself.  Where applicable, we will always apply for permissions and licenses, where appropriate, the cost of which will be borne by you, the client.

Please note:  If a license is required, we cannot do the survey until that license is in place. Sufficient time should be allowed for any licenses or permissions.

All data will be presented by email in Excel format, broken down in 15 minute intervals, with hourly totals.  Analysis is typically completed and returned to the client within 10 working days, depending on the size of the survey.

Typically, ATC data analysis can be completed and returned within 3 working days of completion.

We are able to provide data within shorter timescales if you have a specific deadline.  Please let us know in advance if this is the case.  Throughout the survey process, we can keep you informed of the progress if requested to do so.

Hard paper copies can be provided upon request.  Please note: An additional charge of £50 plus VAT may be made for this.

A copy of video footage can be provided on USB hard drive for £120 plus VAT if required.

Quality Management
Our standard operating procedure is for all survey staff will complete a junction diagram, identifying each enumerator/camera location and detailing any special occurrences on site which may affect the survey such as roadworks, accidents, etc.  All manually collected data undergoes a check to ensure accuracy of data before the final report is submitted to the client.  Final results are verified for consistency, accuracy and presentation.

We keep survey data for 6 years and digital footage for 6 months, enabling reference back to the original survey.

Optional back up cameras
Our digital recording is checked regularly on site however there may be a small risk of camera failure from factors such as environmental conditions, vandalism or a technical fault.  Should you wish us to back up all/some of the camera views, we are more than happy to do this for an additional fee.

Health and Safety
If it is deemed necessary that Traffic Management is required to safely undertake the survey, the client agrees to pay all associated costs.  Should any problems be encountered onsite, then personnel are required to contact the site supervisor.  Standard operating procedure is for high visibility PPE clothing to be worn at all times in order that we comply with our current insurance regulations.  We ensure that our staff take regular breaks and receive subsistence for meals for early mornings and late working.

Fee Proposal Dates
At the point of response to your fee request, we will endeavour to accurately assist and give you a projected date range for the survey to be carried out, however, during the busy time periods and with the high level of commissioned work, this is subject to change.

Prompt payment is always appreciated and assists us in help keeping our fee structure competitive. Business account holder payment terms are 30 days from the end of the month the invoice is issued. Businesses without an account payment terms are 14 days from invoice date and all privately instructed work must be paid in full prior to work commencement.

All invoices contain our bank details so you can pay by BACS.

Public Liability Cover: £10 Million Insurer: Hiscox Ltd
Employers Liability Cover: £10 Million Insurer: Hiscox Ltd
Professional Indemnity Cover: £2 Million   Insurer: Hiscox Ltd

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